Slideat Accessory

Discover new possibilities.

Slideat 01

More than a simple accessory.

New functions at the table.

With Slideat players can charge their phones and put them in the dedicated space, order food and drinks and put their keys, coins, or any other small items in the pin tray. When not in use Slideat slides conveniently under the table out of sight.

All the essential and much more.

It’s a multi-function accessory.

Tray for Food Plates

Drinks Holder

Mobile Phone Charging

Slideat 02

How it works.

Simply indispensable.

When the player presses the dial button, a call goes directly to
the bar or to the floor manager, sending an alert indicating the table and the seat number. When the order is processed, the operator will close the alert.


Aller System

The system also provides a call button for the dealers so they can request the presence of the Floor Manager.

Slideat 03
Slideat 04


Dropbox System

The Floor Manager can control the trend of the dropbox of each table in the Casino.


Our strengths.

For existing or new tables

For every type of game

Easy Installation

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