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Roulette Wheels

When Tradition meets Engineering.



The Spectra range from Tableswin reinvents the wheel for the 21st Century, uniquely combining the latest in smart technology with beautiful craftsmanship.
Synchronised motion lighting in the rotor numbering and a distinctive illuminated turret ensure the Spectra Wheel TM is the focal point of the game.

CNC Precision


Game Status



The Satellite Wheel TM for Roulette is an intelligent, precision performance gaming device, yet retains all the beauty and romance of roulette.
The inbuilt electronics enable precision tracking of spinning patterns, ball speed and wheel rotation, with detailed historical data analysis. The illuminations add drama to every spin.


With stunning veneers and a glossy but durable piano finish, it is available in a range of standard and bespoke
finishes. Our range of roulette wheels meet with ISO9001 quality standards and come laboratory tested.

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