Grunge is a table inspired by the industrial world, particularly to its elements. The idea is that various materials such as cement and metal grids, come to life intersecting with each other and merging into a sculpture that acts as a support for the top.


The Diamond collection design was born from a new conception of casino tables. A strong impact line, which attracts and lightens as a precious jewel. The base has some details which reflects the light, creating a wonderful optical effect.

Golden Wave



A line inspired by art decò, with its crystalline and multifaceted forms, simplified to adapt to any environment giving it refinement. The decò collection recalls, and allows to relive, the atmosphere of the buildings symbol of an era characterized by splendour, luxury and elegance. A window that takes us inside “le Folies Bergère” and that allows us to visit “Le Petit Palais” through its formal and chromatic references.


Foliage it’s a new line of casino tables inspired to the nature, the strength, the sturdiness and also to the winding and elegance of its curves. Naturally, the tree’s trunk act as support for the branches, those who spread off from the trunk shaping some sinuous curves which stands out in the sky. In the same way, Foliage collection pass down that sensation through the central structure, those who seems to literally expand and ascend itself upwards as a support for the crown. The materials used for the building up of those tables, they calls upon the nature as well: indeed the Foliage’s tables are realized in white lacquered natural Oak.


The lagoon, the gondolas, the wood, the water… reflexes and warmth… sensations and emotions which propose themselves again through the new Venice collection. Thinking again to the city of love, you can’t forget about the lagoon pilings which are characteristics through the gondolier’s canals. In the Venice collection, those suggestive elements are enhanced and interpreted again in a more modern key, to bring inside the Casino some of that atmosphere which is typically Venetian. The Venice line has an essential and versatile design which adapt itself in several different environments, staying anyhow always elegant.


The Gambler collection is a modern line, with a design with attention to detail to give an essential look that can adapt to any environment. A solid collection, embellished with metal profiles both vertical and horizontal, designed to “embroider” the points of light reflection in the bases.